As conscientious accounting professionals, we are members of a number of institutes.

Southern African Institute for Business Accountants

SAIBA is a voluntary accounting membership body with more than 6 500 members. Members fall into membership tiers, according to experience and qualifications. By joining our community of accounting professionals, members take the first step towards advancing their careers.

SAIBA offers members accessible and recognisable designations that deliver opportunity. More than fifty percent of our members are employed in business, the public sector or academia. The remainder manage their own accountancy practices within the private sector.

We are a proudly South African Institute that subscribes to the values incorporated in the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights. Members and potential members are treated as individuals with unique needs, values, interests and career goals. We are here to help them reach these important career goal.

South African Institute of Tax Professionals

Given the complex landscape of the South African tax profession, applicants for SAIT membership have diverse interests.  Applicants for SAIT membership may seek recognition in respect of a SARS practitioner registration number.  Others may seek SAIT membership for a tax designation in terms of general market recognition while still others may seek SAIT membership for access to SAIT benefits.  In order to achieve these aims, SAIT has divided its membership into designations and work classifications. The SAIT designations represent levels of professional expertise and are formulated in conjunction with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).  Work classifications represent SAIT segmented requirements of divergent interests based on the applicant’s current work experience.

SAGE Pastel

SAGE Pastel Accounting Approved Channel Partner Reseller for SAGE Pastel Packages